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Catalogue Update

Autumn 2008

We've been so very busy responding to your requests for new songs that we've not had time to put together a proper Autumn newsletter, so we're dedicating this edition almost entirely to bringing you an update on our latest additions.

We're asking you to tell us what Christmas singing means to you, and bringing you news of improvements to the website - some which have happened already, and asking for your feedback for future developments in our Customer Survey 2008.

We're also announcing a new type of product - 'Learn-a-song' packs - which we'll be bringing you in the new year.

Best wishes from
The Your Accompanist Team

PS: If this is the first time you've received a newsletter from us, you might like to take a look at the Newsletter Archive. All our back issues available to view online. You can view them in the original format, or browse the articles by type.

Latest AddtionsNew to the catalogue

Our endeavours mean that we now have a whopping 1000 tracks for you to choose from, and we've finally remedied a couple of significant omissions - Nessun dorma and the Flower Duet to name but two.

You'll find a rather eclectic selection: many old favourites and some rare discoveries for you to enjoy!

Bach J S
Ich Folge Dir Gleichfalls
Bist Du Bei Mir (High)

Vanne, O Rosa Fortunata

Tanto Sospirerò

Au Fond Du Temple Saint (Pearlfishers' Duet)

Amaryllis (Amarilli, Mia Bella)

There Is A Garden In Her Face (high)
There Is A Garden In Her Face(low)

Cavalli Francesco
Delizie Contente, Che L'Alma Beate

Viking Song (Clang, Clang, Clang On The Anvil)

Beau Soir-Bflat  
Beau Soir-C  
Beau Soir-D

Flower Duet from Lakmé (Sous Le Dôme Épais)
(full version)

Donizetti Gaetano
Quant È Bella, Quanto È Cara  
Una Furtiva Lagrima

Dowland John
Come Again , Sweet Love (low)  
Come Again, Sweet Love (high)

Après Un Rêve (Bass)
Aubade (high)  
Aubade (mezzo)  
Les Berceaux (original key)
Rêve D'Amour (high)  
Rêve D'Amour (mezzo)

Flies Bernhardt (prev. attrib. Mozart)
Wiegenlied (Schlafe, Mein Prinzchen)

Franck César
Panis Angelicus-A (High)

Franz Robert
Es Hat Die Rose  

Gasparini Francesco
Caro laccio, dolce nodo (high)  
Caro laccio, dolce nodo (low)  
Lasciar D'Amarti

Gounod Charles
Je Veux Vivre (from Romeo et Juliette)

Care Selve
I Rage, I Burn-O Ruddier Than The Cherry
(recitative + aria)

I Rage, I Burn - recitative guide
Lascia Ch'io Pianga (in D)
Lascia Ch'io Pianga (with recitative)
O Ruddier Than The Cherry
The Trumpet Shall Sound
Verdi Prati

On Mighty Pens Uplifted
The Sailor's Song (High On The Giddy Bending Mast)

Jones Robert
Go To Bed, Sweet Muse

Kocher Conrad
As With Gladness Men Of Old

Leuto Arcangelo
Del Dimmi Amor

Quand Je Dors

Plaisir D'Amour

Riez, Allez, Riez Du Pauvre Idéologue
(Sancho Panza Aria)


Batti, Batti, O Bel Masetto
Bester Jüngling
Crudel! Perchè Finora
Il Core Vi Dono
La Ci Darem La Mano
Isis Und Osiris
Porgi, Amor, Qualche Ristoro
Soave Sia Il Vento
Vedrai, Carino

Peri Jacopo
Invocazione Di Orfeo

Perti Giacomo Antonio
Se Non Fossero Gli Stenti

Piccini Niccolò 
O Notte, O Dea Del Mistero

Nessun Dorma
O Mio Babbino Caro
Quando M'en Vo'

Rosa Salvatore 
Selve, Voi Che Le Speranze
Star Vicino (high) 

Rossi Francesco
Ah, Rendimi Quel Core

Saint Saëns
El Desdichado

Scarlatti Alessandro 
Se Tu Della Mia Morte

Dichterliebe (L) - 13 - Ich Hab' Im Traum Geweinet (2:23)
Er Ist's-A (high)
Er Ist's-F (mezzo)
Frauenliebe und Leben (H) - 01 - Seit Ich Ihn Gesehen
Frauenliebe und Leben (H) - 02 - Er, Der Herrlichste
Frauenliebe und Leben (H) - 03 - Ich Kann's Nicht
Frauenliebe und Leben (H) - 04 - Du Ring
Frauenliebe und Leben (H) - 05 - Helft Mir
Frauenliebe und Leben (H) - 06 - Süßer Freund
Frauenliebe und Leben (H) - 07 - An Meinem Herzen

Frauenliebe und Leben (H) - 08 - Nun Hast Du Mir
Frauenliebe und Leben (L) - 01 - Seit Ich Ihn Gesehen
Frauenliebe und Leben (L) - 02 - Er, Der Herrlichste
Frauenliebe und Leben (L) - 03 - Ich Kann's Nicht
Frauenliebe und Leben (L) - 04 - Du Ring
Frauenliebe und Leben (L) - 05 - Helft Mir

Frauenliebe und Leben (L) - 06 - Süßer Freund
Frauenliebe und Leben (L) - 07 - An Meinem Herzen Frauenliebe und Leben (L) - 08 - Nun Hast Du Mir
Frauenliebe und Leben - Collections: Low and High Voice

Sieber Ferdinand
Thirty-Six Vocalises for Soprano (Opus 92)

Strauss Johann
Wer Uns Getraut (lower)
Wer Uns Getraut

Home On The Range
Streets of Laredo

Morrò, Ma Prima In Grazia

Domine Deus
Sposa Son Disprezzata

O Du Mein Holder Abendstern (recit.& aria)
Wesendonk Lieder - 1 - Der Engel
Wesendonk Lieder - 2 - Stehe Stille
Wesendonk Lieder - 3 - Im Treibhaus
Wesendonk Lieder - 4 - Schmerzen
Wesendonk Lieder - 5 - Träume

La Paloma

We are always keen to expand the accompaniments we have available, so if you would like a version at a different speed or higher or lower voice version, you can request it via our Suggest a track form.

Latest additions:





Issue 6
November 2008

In this issue:
New to the catalogue
Tell us your Christmas Singing Stories
Website update
Learn a song packs
How are we doing?
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Tell us your Christmas Singing Stories

As you can probably tell from our new homepage, we've been getting in the mood for a musical festive season, and it's promted us to wonder what you all get up to around the world when it comes to making music at Christmas.

Which is why we'd like you to tell us...

What does singing mean to you at Christmas?
It could be carol singing for charity in your town or village, or singing in a school play or nativity, or something more formal like performing choral works with your local singing group. Are there local traditions in your part of the world which involve singing? Perhaps Christmas is a particularly busy time for you as a professional singer and your work takes you on a festive adventure.

What's your favourite part of festive singing? We want to hear all about it!

You can send in:

  • Original writings on any subject
  • Photographs and videos (as long as you own the copyright)
  • MP3s of yourselves singing to our rehearsal tracks.

There will be free songs for the best story contributions. Some of them will be shared on the site and in the Festive Edition Newsletter, due in your mailbox in early December.

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Website update

Easier downloading

Recent shoppers may have noticed that we've been making important improvements in the ordering and downloading process: you don't need to wait for the download email any more, you'll be taken straight into your order for instant download.

It doesn't matter if the spambot eats your email anymore, as you'll probably have your tracks already loaded on your MP3 player by the time you notice it hasn't arrived.

Website improvements: have your say

We're also in the process of giving some serious consideration to the site as a whole. We'll be doing some general improvements in the new year. If you would like to help us improve the site please fill in our Customer Survey 2008.

Our festive decorations are up!

Recent visitors may notice that we've been getting into the Christmas spirit, ready to help you sing your hearts out at family gatherings, in church and at school.

You'll find easy access from our homepage to all of the festiving singing related content including the carol collections in MP3 format or on CD.

Christmas Carol Accompaniment MP3s

Carol Collections

Christmas Accompaniment CDs



Look out for our 'Learn-a-song' packs

Many of you have been asking for help with your vocal lines - especially in duets and part songs.

Early next year we'll be introducing a new product: Learn-a-song packs that will include voice alone, voice line with accompaniment as well as the usual accompaniment track. For some songs, we'll also be able include pronunciation help with a diction track.

We think we know the ones you'd like, but please get in touch if you want a particular song to be given the the 'learn-a-song' treatment.


How are we doing?

Since we started out, we've enjoyed getting to know many singers all over the world, and working with them to understand what they need from Your Accompanist.

But surely no two singers have exactly the same needs. Do you have some ideas about what we could do differently to help you more with your singing practice?

Tell us by taking part in our online survey and get a free track of your choice:



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FacebookIf you're a member of the online community Facebook, you might like to know that we recently started a page for fans of Your Accompanist. It's a great place to make contact with other singers, ask questions in forums and get answers from singers all over the world drawing on a wealth of varied experience at all levels. You can write reviews about us to tell us what you think of our products and communications. You'll also get regular special offers and sneak previews!


Feedback please

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About Your Accompanist

We make real piano rehearsal tracks for singers.

All tracks are recorded by a real pianist on a real piano in a single take. You download them directly to your PC in MP3 format. They can then be transferred directly to any portable MP3 player (such as an iPod or, Sony MP3 walkman, Archos box or iRiver), or burned to CD.

They are ideal for soloists, ensembles, choirs and classrooms, for those who sing professionally, recreationally or secretly.

The quality of the musicianship and sensitivity of the performances means that the accompaniments make great listening, even for those who don't sing along.

Our catalogue covers a large part of the standard repertoire and is growing all the time. We bring you a wide variety of genres and composers, and aim to cater for all vocal ranges and levels of proficiency. Each track can be sampled on the site so you can be sure you've got the piece you want.

We believe very strongly in the importance of music in education, and have a great deal of experience in the field. We hope to support music teachers, promote singing in the classroom and provide an effective low cost solution for singing teaching situations where good quality live accompaniment is not readily available.

All of our tracks are available for instant download, so if we've already got the piece you want, there's no need to wait for a CD via post. If you'd like something we don't already have, or you need it in a different key, let us know. If it's in the public domain and we can get hold of the music, we could have it online for you quite quickly.

Read more in our User Guide:



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