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You and your team are offering the solution to a big problem that many singers have. Thanks again for your interest and the trouble you are taking. I find it a great service!!  JVDM, SA

I am a great voice teacher who is a "not-so-great" pianist! Thank you for making great accompaniments that are reasonably priced!!! You are a life-saver!  TF

Just perfect for when you haven't got a real life accompanist on-hand. Flexible and very friendly. What I was most impressed by was the sympathetic piano playing. I highly recommend YourAccompanist.com  Trisha Waters, sings for enjoyment, Brighton UK

What a great idea your piano accompaniment website is.  I like that you promote the idea of singing for different purposes (including just for your own very private pleasure) on your website. VH, UK, sings for her own enjoyment

Right now I'm looking for a place to buy piano accompaniments to listen and practice to without having to buy a CD package costing over $50. JK, USA, Sings with school and church choirs

You are a star! I will certainly be back to buy downloads in the future, particularly if this is the standard of service you provide. EB, UK

The songs are great, as usual. I can't wait to try them out. Attila, Budapest, Hungary

I really admire the service you offer on your site and it has been very useful for me now and will be in the future. P, Ireland

Your products are phenomenal - keep up the great work!! DB

The sound was so full and warm. The phrasing was so musical and supportive. MC, USA

I'm very excited to find that you have accompaniment for Concone on your website. Thanks for making these accompaniment mp3s available!!  Wow! what a find! Dhiraj, USA

I am a teacher of singing and find that having accompaniments recorded assist both my students and myself as it allows me to focus on their voice rather than my piano accompaniment. FM, Vocal Coach, Ireland

They are fantastic. The piano sound on Alten Bosen Lieder is awesome! There is no way on earth I can wait until tomorrow to play with these!    PR, Czech Republic

I sing with an Irish singing group visiting nursing homes singing old songs for the residents.  They like any of the ballad or sing-a-long tunes from musical hall days through to the 1930s and 40s    RJ, AUS,

I just came across your site last month and downloaded my first tracks. I have a pretty active music career, am a songwriter and most of the time play for myself on keyboard.  But, I perform for many community groups that enjoy classical and Broadway favorites so your piano accompaniment has been so helpful for those events.    BN, USA,

Thank you so much for the wonderful tracks. How lovely it was to hear some of those old tunes. The harvest festival ones particularly. It was a big occasion at this time of year when I was a kid ....What a fantastic resource and how refreshing to see these wonderful songs, sadly neglected, now available    LJ, UK

I am a guitar player learning to play the violin. I love to play scales with your accompaniments. Thank you so much!!!    AA, UK

I received all of the links from your system perfectly. It all worked without a hitch and I had zero problems in terms of downloading. Thank You Again So Much...this is a wonderful resource. DSL, USA

Thank you so much for your prompt service! I don't think I've ever had anyone respond so quickly before, or with the right information.  I was able to save the MP3 file and burn it on a CD for my daughter to practice with. RM, UK, Parent of a young singer

Thank you so much yes... Afton water does flow smoothly. My children love singing this song and the others as well. Your tracks have been very helpful to me as we have a problem of (finding) pianists. JM, UAE

I cannot believe now how I battled with recording accompaniments on tape and then practising with a little tape recorder. And then.. if the accompaniment was to fast or anything else, I just had to wait until the accompanist had time to do it over. You are making it so much easier with such a quality of recordings, a great variety as well and a prompt service on top of it. Thankyou!!!    JVM, SA

Such a valuable tool for intonation. Much more fun playing scales with these recordings than on their own from music/memory. Thanks so much!    MV, USA

You are just fantastic and I am really "blown away" by the fact that not only did you answer my email in the first place but that already you have provided me with the accompaniments that will help me with my practice.  So no excuses when I go to my next lesson. Thank you very much. I look forward to selecting again from your website again.  A "can do" attitude is very rare these days and much appreciated.    HC, AUS

Thanks a lot, this will help me to practice guitar. great to have a piano accompaniment on the background.  J, UK

Love the scales. Practice every day and find it helps to improve my voice and breathing.Thanks guys! VH

Yes - order has safely arrived and I am delighted with it - so much better than all the old tapes I've got! Would just like to say that this website is excellent and I've received fantastic service from you so many thanks. I will be passing on the website info to my other singing friends as I think they will be as delighted as I am with the resources and the service.   PR

This website is a life saver!!!    EW, GER

Her teacher is usually her accompanist, but is unable to go with us due to recent illness.  We were sweating trying to find her audition pieces available for download.  But we found you and it saved the day.    GS, USA

Success - it works perfectly. Compliments on your Outstanding customer service. I have passed on your details to collegues of mine who found your recordings excellent. I have found your responses to any of my questions extremely prompt and helpful. Keep up the great work. Derek, Trained Tenor, Ireland

That is fantastic service. Thank you very much and I look forward to receiving your email when it’s ready. FM, NZ

I tried the scale accompaniments and they are FABULOUS!!! Really appreciate this!! Thank you again. JC, Flutist and blogger

This is a wonderful idea! I'm so glad to have found you. SW

We are really happy with your wonderful service. HWD, Martinique

Your Accompanist is very user friendly, and I have been passing your website to all my fellow musicians. A

What a fab service thank you for being so helpful!!! JB

Thank you, my problem is solved! you are a star for getting back to me so fast. TM

Hi! Just wanna say that I'm studying double bass (with bow) and your warm-up harmonised scales are extremely useful in getting accurate pitch while practising scales! thnx 1000! Greets. DB

Just thought I'd let you know that it went really well last Saturday. I was actually far more confident than I'd thought I'd be and had lots of compliments afterwards! It was so good to have to have the piano accompaniment and it worked very well indeed. I can't get it out of my head now and keep waking up in the middle of the night singing it over and over to myself!! Thanks again for your help.  GH

Thanks a lot, this will help me to practice guitar. great to have a piano on the background. J, UK

Your Accompanist is such a great idea. I think one of the things you give singers is the opportunity to practice and build your confidence on your own before venturing out to sing with others. Murray Patterson, sings with local and work choirs, Melbourne, Australia

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