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YourAccompanist’s sharing licences are an easy way to bring the full benefit of our accompaniment tools to students and fellow singers, saving them time, effort and money.

Our rehearsal tracks come already licensed for use in contact-time teaching situations, but not for redistribution.

Students / singers can purchase their own copies of our accompaniments directly from us, but based on feedback from our customers, we have realised that the ability of teachers, choirs, MDs and choral societies to redistribute tracks which are already in use in lessons and rehearsals, can bring tremendous value to the learning experience.

The students / singers can start practising with the right away, and sharing removes any uncertainty about specifically which track is required. Teaching centres may wish to redistribute the accompaniments within syllabuses and course materials for practice at home.

These annual licences are priced affordably and can be downloaded instantly from our website.

We have a range of payment options offering great savings when purchasing ahead.

Please read our FAQ carefully before you decide which licence is right for your needs.

Choral Sharing Licence (2) Classroom Sharing Licence (2)
Solo Sharing Licence (2) Studio Sharing Licence (2)

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