BBC's Last Choir Standing
As you can probably imagine, we've been following the developments in the BBC's Saturday night choir competition, Last Choir Standing. Now in it's fourth week of broadcast, there has already been much heartache and disappointment for those choirs who weren't chosen by the judges.

After this beginning, our anticipation of what's to follow is palpable. Any group of singers who even got to this first round has done well. Reducing the numbers by a half in the next round will probably be excruciating.

Some have already said, 'why can't we have nice singing without the pernicious element of competition'. Well, 'twas ever thus' as those of us who can remember music festivals from our youth must know. Unfortunately - or fortunately, depending on your standpoint - it's the competitive element that often generates interest in an activity. Once we're over the 'gladiatorial' hurdle, then we begin to look for the art.

We were particularly moved by the engaging and talented Dreemz from West Bromwich who prove just how far singers can get by listening to one another. We only hope that the choirs not successful in the competition will still continue to enjoy singing together. It was great to see such a young choir brimming with growth and potential after such a short time together. They should be proud of their achievement getting through to the final fifteen.

Standing out of the crowd, are the rather epic Ysgol Glanethwy, whose passionate of performance Adiamus this Saturday immediately confirmed their class and sent them through to the final six. We've loved them since they sang Rhythm of Life in Welsh at the callbacks! (Catch it on the bbc website). We wouldn't be at all surprised to see them go all the way.

We're looking forward to lots more excellent singing gracing our Saturday evenings, or indeed any time we like with BBC iPlayer! If you're not based in the UK and would like to follow the competition, or if you've missed an episode, you can catch up on the official website:

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