Sharing Licences FAQ

YourAccompanist Sharing Licence FAQ

Can I share any tracks if I don’t have a licence?

No. To share songs you must have a licence. When you purchase a track from us, it is licensed for use by the individual who purchased it. No rights are granted for sharing that track with others. Anyone needing access to the accompaniment tracks should purchase their own copies.

I teach privately, at home/at my studio. Once I have purchased my licence, who can I share the tracks with?

Anyone with whom you are in a teaching relationship at the time of sharing. You may not share the tracks with friends or others who are not being taught by you. Licences are non-transferable and apply only to the named individual or organisation purchasing the licence.

We are an educational institution. Once we have purchased our licence, with whom may we share our tracks?

Only with registered students of the licensed institution or with fee-paying private students who are taught by you at the institution.

Are tracks I've already purchased covered by this licence?

Yes. Once you've purchased the licence, you can share any track (including commissioned recordings of public domain material) that has been purchased or been legally gifted from our website, including those downloaded prior to obtaining the licence. As long as you can prove the track was purchased from our website by you and you have a valid licence, previous purchases can be shared under the terms of that licence.

Can my students reshare tracks?

No. The shared track is not covered for further redistribution. In an institution or studio setting, Tracks need to originate with a member of staff. Students are not covered to reshare. It is the responsibility of each licensee/licensed institution to bring this to the attention of students who receive the shared tracks.

I teach in a licensed institution but also teach privately elsewhere. Am I covered by the institution’s licence to share tracks with my private students?

No. It is the institution which is licensed not the individual. You will need to purchase the appropriate licences for any other setting in which you’ll be sharing YourAccompanist tracks.

Are there any restrictions on how the tracks can be redistributed?

Yes. Your sharing licence enables the sharing of tracks for legitimate purposes via
- email;
- network drives and restricted, named access cloud-based file managers such as Dropbox and Google Drive;
- hard formats such as memory sticks and CDs.

Can I share online?

No. Your sharing licence does not cover the redistribution of YourAccompanist materials via any other method including websites, social networks, blogs, forums, chat rooms, file sharing platforms or streaming tools. If you're considering one of the above, talk to us because we may be able to provide a tailored licence extension. We do not usually permit the hosting of our files on public servers under any circumstances.

What about distribution via our LMS or intranet?

If this is how you intend to redistribute, please talk to us first. We need to protect our intellectual property, but we may be able to extend your usual licence to cover this if we are satisfied by your security arrangements.

Does my licence cover me for sharing custom recordings I’ve commissioned from YourAccompanist?

Yes, as long as the work is in the public domain. No non PD material is covered by our sharing licence.

Does my licence cover me for sharing HD / broadcast / performance tracks?

No. The licence only covers the sharing of off-the-peg, rehearsal tracks purchased from the YourAccompanist online store.

I sing with a choir/ensemble and I would like to share tracks with fellow singers. Do I need a licence? Which licence is right for me?

Yes. You should talk to your choir/ensemble about purchasing a Choral licence for unlimited sharing of tracks between members. If this is not possible, each track user must purchase their own copy from us.

I don’t want/need an annual licence. I just want to share one track, one time. Is this possible?

Yes, but you still need a licence. Contact us with details of how many people the track is going to be passed to, and we will issue a single payment request and documentation for the appropriate number of users. The track can then be legitimately shared with fellow singers. If the intention is to share one track with one other user, the track must be purchased again from our website.

What if we can’t afford the licence?

Our licences are modestly priced but please talk to us if your funds are limited. If your choir is a charity or not-for-profit organisation, we may also issue a waiver granting sharing permission without additional costs (ie we provide a complimentary licence). This depends on the circumstances/remit of the choir/ensemble. We will require supporting information illustrating the case for the waiver.

Can my licence be renewed automatically?

Yes. We can set up a recurring payment for your licence.

How do I cancel a licence?

Please refer to our cancellation policy.

Are you encouraging file sharing?

Not really. We don’t approve of any file sharing without permission and we want to encourage honesty. As well as protecting our own rights, we want to safeguard the purchaser and the recipient. Purchasing the correct licence from us will enable your students’ progress and make life easier.

Does the licence cover performance with YourAccompanist tracks?

These are not performance licences, and no performance permissions are granted. Performance licences can be obtained separately from the YourAccompanist website. Please contact us for more details.


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