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What is a rehearsal track?

A rehearsal track is a recording of the piano accompaniment to a song, aria or choral work designed for use in private rehearsals and singing lessons. It's a song without a singer or voice line to complete the arrangement. It's a learning tool for singers of all standards, ranges and levels of experience.

There are lots of ways you can use our MP3s: familiarisation on-the-go, in a singing lesson, preparing for a choir try-out, in an audition, at home, in the car, in the bath, it's up to you. The tracks enable singing practice in situations where live piano accompaniment is not readily available.

Singers know that nothing can ever replace the collaborative experience of working with an experienced accompanist. Preparing for performances means building an artistic relationship and developing interpretations together. Our tracks enable you to learn the piece before you start rehearsing, allowing you to save valuable rehearsal time for interpretation.

Are the tracks computer generated?

No. Unlike many of the karaoke-style backing tracks you'll find online, Your Accompanist rehearsal tracks are all played by a real pianist: each piece is played in a single take by our experienced accompanist who considers the needs of the vocalist.

What's in the catalogue?

We have over 5000 tracks available for download, so whatever kind of singing you enjoy, alone or with others, you'll find inspiring music in our catalogue. You can buy single tracks, or get even better value from our song collections.

All the pieces on our site are either in the public domain or are licensed by our download agreement with PRS (please see below). We cover a wide range of singing styles:

For classical singers and singing teachers

Your Accompanist's library contains a very large part of the classical, opera, art song, lieder, operetta and oratorio repertoires. You'll also find an increasing number of accompaniments for well known voice training exercises by composers such as Concone and Sieber

For classroom teachers

We have a number of song accompaniment resources which could be used in music lessons, assemblies, dance and movement classes, choir rehearsals, concerts and shows. This material is largely drawn from genres such as traditional songs, lullabies, nursery rhymes, shanties, sea songs and the British music hall. The Young Voices - Vol 01 and  Young Voices - Vol 02 collections contain accompaniments which are generally well adapted to unison singing by juniors and young adult singers. The nursery rhymes collections are also divided according to their suitability for certain age groups: little ones (Early Learning Collection) and little bit bigger ones (Junior Collection).

What can the tracks be used for?

The majority of our catalogue is in the public domain. When you legitimately purchase a public domain accompaniment mp3 from Your Accompanist, it includes permission to use the track in the following ways:

  • accompaniment for private rehearsals in the home
  • accompaniment in a singing lesson
  • accompaniment for busking for good causes (not for personal gain without our consent)
  • accompaniment in a school or family event, charity concert or show
  • accompaniment for a private recording to be hosted on YouTube

If you are an animator or motion graphics artist wishing to use one of our tracks in a production, we'd love to hear from you.

(NB. Non-public domain tracks (those with a 'P' in the product number) are for personal rehearsal use only. They are not licenced for public performance and cannot be burned to a CD).

Without our express permission, you cannot:

  • resell the track 
  • use the track as background music in a media production
  • make a commercial recording using the track
  • perform in public to the track and charge a professional fee
  • use the track in a professional showreel
  • make the track available on a website
  • sample the track as part of an original work.

If you would like to use our MP3s in any of these ways, please ask us. We're always happy when people tell us what they'd like to do with our music and we promise to try to find a mutually agreeable arrangement for situations like these. 

Please read our terms and conditions for further information. 

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