Using your MP3 tracks

Help for those new to working with digital music

To play MP3s on your computer you will need a piece of software which contains an MP3 player. Most computers come with a media player - like Windows Media Player, i-Tunes or QuickTime - and no media player worth its socks will refuse to play MP3s.

Normally, double clicking an MP3 will automatically fire up the default media or MP3 player on the system. 

Most media players allow you to create playlists - pieces of music collected together under a name and ordered by you. Making playlists with your downloaded accompaniments means that you can easily rehearse and refine the order of your set list for a performance.  

Adding your mp3 files to iTunes

Follow this useful online tutorial.

Burning your mp3 files to an audio CD

You will need a CD writing disk drive and a some software to burn CDs, like Nero or Roxio.

Alternatively, you can use a simple method which usually does not require additional software:

Using Windows

Using Apple Mac

Get your tracks delivered on CD

Don't fancy burning CDs yourself? We can do this for you for a small fee.

Order your tracks on CD

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